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Valentine Parents and Teachers Meeting Minutes 9-4-13

0 September 11, 2013 in Valentine Parent/Teacher
Valentine Parent/Teacher Organization

Minutes    09/04/13    3:30 p.m.    Elementary school
Successmaker Classroom

Meeting called by    Rocky Northrip
Type of meeting    Informal
Facilitator        Rocky Northrip
Note taker        Rita Weigart
Attendees        Brad Bernards, Irma Porras, Larry Porras, Teresa Kuhlman, Rita Weigart, Rocky Northrip, Vanessa Ornelas, Bianca Porras, Ismelda Ornelas
Agenda topics
3:31 – 3:44    INRTODUCTION/CALL TO ORDER/READING OF THE MINUTES: Rocky Northrip/Rita Weigart
Discussion   Rocky Northrip called the meeting to order at 3:31 p.m.  Rita Weigart read the minutes to the April 22, 2013 meeting. Irma Porras moved to approve the minutes to the April 22, 2013 meeting, Larry Porras second the move, all said "aye”, and the meeting minutes were approved.

3:45-4:05    MISSION STATEMENT:    Rocky Northrip           TREASURES' REPORT: Larry Porras


The VPT mission is to provide scholarships to our graduating seniors who go on to higher education.  In the September 19, 2012 meeting. It was discussed and approved to give scholarships to those graduates that enter the United State military. So, changes to the mission statement will reflect that statement. We also changed the amount of scholarship money given to the salutatorian from $600.00 to $800.00. At that time, Larry Porras interjected with the treasures' report:

There was a balance of $5,065.89 as of August 2012. Checks were issued to Amelia Santillan ($500.00), Kyle Kerley ($300.00), and Cayenne Webb ($300.00). October reimbursement for Irma Porras for Fall Festival expenditures ($225.95), and Bianca Porras for the VISA gift card ($105.44).  The Fall Festival October 2012 brought in $2,012.75. This left a balance of $5,647.25. There was a purchase of stamps for $45.00, and two $100.00 check donations were received after the festival. We gave Lonnie Flippen $300.00 for the student athletes that went towards their trip to Austin, Texas to watch the state basketball championships. With that, the balance was $5,502.25. There was a payout of $154.25 that VPT gave to Viola Calderon to help purchase published books that her students wrote for a school reading project last school year.

        We then returned to talk about the mission statement and the treasures' report was a good segway to this part of the discussion. The focus on the way we spend the money raised for the scholarship fund was leaning outside the mission statement goals. Brad Bernards said we should give money to the library if we go over the amount needed for scholarships.  Irma Porras stated that the focus should be on scholarships only. After further discussion on the way the VPT should spend its money, Irma Porras moved to keep the scholarships as the way we spend VPT funds. Rita Weigart second the motion. All in attendance agreed with a motion 'aye', and the mission statement changes were passed.

Larry Porras then concluded the treasures' report with the Ice Cream Social bringing in $161.25, which brought the balance to $5,509.25. There were two checks issued to the two graduating seniors for the 2013 ending school year. Daniel Garnsey was the Valedictorian, and he received $1,000.00. And, Kimberly Morton was the Salutatorian, and she received $800.00. The balance in the ledger as of 9/4/2013 is $3,709.25.


The group was in favor of the changes to the mission statement through vote. And, the treasures' report was approved. Irma Porras moved to approve the report. Bianca Porras second the motion to approve the treasures' report, and the group was all in favor with a show of hands and said, "aye".

Action items:                                                                                                                       Person responsible:                            Deadline:
Rita Weigart will make the changes to the Mission Statement document and reproduce it.          Rita Weigart                                       9/13/2013

4:05 – 4:06    BANNER FOR GYM:  GROUP

The buying of a banner for the gymnasium was not discussed due to the changes and adherence to the VPT mission statement. (See discussion of mission statement above)
4:06 – 4:25   FALL FESTIVAL:     GROUP

The Fall Festival date was discussed and the group decided that it should be on Thursday, October 31, 2013. The amount to spend on prizes for the Fall Festival was discussed, and agreed by all that no more than $300.00 to be spent on expenses. That includes buying the $100.00 VISA gift card that is raffled off every year. Plus $15.00 to the student who sells the most raffle tickets. Irma Porras had purchased the prizes and the gift card in the past, then VPT reimburses her. Bianca Porras was asked by Rita Weigart if she would buy the $100.00 VISA gift card. Vanessa Ornelas said that she would buy the gift card, and that it would be a donation by her personally. Everyone in the room expressed their appreciation to Vanessa with a round of applause. Irma Porras said that she would donate the $15.00 to the student who sells the most raffle tickets. Another round of applause ensued.

Rita Weigart passed out the list of boots for this year with the names of the volunteers from last year. Ismelda Ornelas asked about any water activities or outdoor activities, like a dunking booth that she said we had in past years. It was discussed and agreed among the group that it would be better to have all the booths indoors. Bianca Porras brought up a saftety issue that would require action on. She said last year, a toddler ran towards the stairs going down to the high school lower level, and was quickly grabble by his mother; and avoided an accident that could have been traumatic. Rita Weigart said she would tell Danny Garcia to make sure that the downstairs portion of the high school is "accident proof" for the Fall Festival.

Irma Porras asked about paying for the expenses, then being reimbursed. It was discussed and approved that the VPT should obtain a bank debit card for expenditures. Rita Weigart moved that this item be approved and passed. Ismelda Ornelas second the motion. The motion was passed with all raised hands and said "aye".


The Fall Festival will be on Thursday, October 31, 2013 in the high school auditorium. Ms. Weigart will complete the assignment of booths.

Action Items:                                                                                              Person responsible:                              Deadline:
Assign volunteers to booths.                                                                        Rita Weigart                                         10/16/2013
Wheel of Fortune mailout to businesses and collect donations.                       Rita Weigart                                          10/03/2013

Larry Porras moved to adjourn the VPT meeting. Ismelda Ornelas second the move. All were in agreement to adjourn the VPT meeting with a said "ayes".

The meeting concluded at 4:26 pm.

Observers:                None
Resource Persons:    Rita Weigart; Ismelda Ornelas

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