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Valentine (& Marfa) to Hit 60 Minutes

Boyd Elder & Morely Safer
0 October 23, 2012 in Community News
by Kimberly Morton --

Thursday evening (10-18-12), Boyd Elder had the privilege of being interviewed by Morely Safer from 60 Minuets! How cool is that?! Since I am on the news team, here at the lovely Valentine ISD, I had to attend this interview so I can report it back to you all.

The interview was supposed to start at 5:30 which is what I was told. Ms. Weigart and I showed up on time to get there before the news crew to tell them where to park and all that. Three cars pulled up and 4 crew members started to look around and get the feel of Prada Marfa. I wasn't sure what they were looking for. The crew came up to Ms. Weigart and I and said guys we're going to have to wait till sunset to start filming! I was thinking oh great I've already been here for an hour and now I'm going to have to wait another hour, coooool!

Around 6:30 the producers and Mr. Safer showed up. I was really excited to meet Mr. Safer because my parents told me that they used watch him all the time. Mr. Safer is pretty chill. Everyone on the crew and the producers were really nice and calm. Mr. Elder finally shows up and just starts talking to everyone like it's nothing. He did not seem nervous at all which was great because I thought he did a really good interview!

7:18 was the time that the crew announced was going to be starting time, that was when sunset was. They had two huge cameras that put my little hand held Sony to shame. They were really high tech and I was kind of amazed at how they set up and how the whole thing comes together. The crew filmed all of about10 minutes but it was a good interview!

This whole 60 Minutes is not all about the Prada and Boyd Elder, which is what I thought at first. The producers got there and started to tell Ms. Weigart and I that the whole segment is over Marfa, Texas and what it has to offer. They said they took some shots at the Food Shark, Chinati Foundation, Padres and actually when I was at work (At Cohineal, a famous restaurant in Marfa owned by Tom and Toshi) and the whole crew came in to eat and sure enough after the filmer took out his camera and started to record us doing work! I thought he was just taking pictures but then the producer, Jonathan, came up to me and my co-workers and said be sure to watch this episode because you guys will probably get a frame or two! How awesome is that!

Marfa has sure changed a lot in the last 10 years and from all of it's so called hard work that all of the artists have worked on is paying off because they are indeed getting the recognition they wanted. I'm not sure when this episode will air, they don't even know yet but when I get word of when I will inform you all! Keep a look out!

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